“i've worked with erick on many studio recordings & many nights of live sound on the road- as an engineer, he's at the top of the game in both - the sound will be perfect as well as his patience, attitude and hangabilty -

he creates an environment where magic happens - and his deep curiousity of SOUND keeps him walking a steady path towards the sonic unknown - he is my first call when sound matters”

~ Darrell Scott

"When I think of working with Erick J, there is no question mark in my mind, no punctuation of any kind. Instead, there is a clear path, unobstructed, full of possibility."

~ Colin Hay

"Working with Erick has been the single the best decision that we've made as a band.  His laid back attitude and constant encouragement, coupled with his great ideas and unmatched wizardry in the studio took the project to a level above and beyond our expectations. The man is a master of acoustic sounds and we are a better band after having worked with him.  Plus he's a really, really cool dude."

~ Tony Kamel, Wood & Wire

"Erick Jaskowiak is a superb producer and engineer. I have never had such fun in the studio. Erick works his magic quietly, but he is so good at what he does that an artist can quickly relax and trust in his decisions and direction. Of course, this makes for an extraordinary musical experience, because the artist then feels freer to perform and experiment. Erick gave me the confidence to dig deeper, all the while engineering with those perfect ears. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

~ Caroline Herring

"You totally, totally are awesome...   we can't tell you how much we think you rock n we can't thank you enough!!!"

~ Jubal's Kin

“Erick was my kinda guy in the studio!  He worked fast, got great sounds, and projected a mellow vibe that kept everyone relaxed.  I was devastated to hear he lost his hearing in a tragic banjo accident.”

~ James Nash, the Waybacks

"Erick is the man you want for your next project.  He brings great ideas to each song in addition to being wonderful to work with.  He takes the time to listen to the artist/customer in order to understand what the artist envisions, and as a result, he's able to add to the artists vision to make the end product amazing.  Erick is patient, funny, a hard worker, accurate and punctual.  And, then there's the fact that he totally rocks, too..."

~ Treva Blomquist, Treva & the Suits

"My man Erick is a mixing fool. Give that guy a six pack and watch him go. He yells "watch this, watch this," as his hands glide magically across the chondal's sea of glowing knobs. A true chondal loader in every sense of the term."

~ Chris Pandolfi, the Infamous Stringdusters and fellow Chondal Loader

 Bergen, Norway, May 25th 2009
I’m honored to say that I have worked with Erick Jaskowiak a number of times on many different projects. Erick and I have co-produced three of my albums, one of which won the equivalent to a Grammy Award - “Spellemann” for Best Blues Album of the Year in 2008/9.

The first time we met I was immediately struck by his professionalism, kindness, politeness and enthusiasm. Over the years we have become close friends, and I still get impressed by how elegant he treats everyone he works with and how he can get the best musical performance out of any talent.

Erick is highly intelligent in both an intellectual and musical way. He is always on top of things and even though he works extremely fast in the studio, the high level of professionalism, good quality, great sound and creative performance is never in danger of being neglected.

Erick is always well prepared, observant, sharp, helpful, reliable and in a good mood. He’s got years and years of world class musical experience and will never compromise talent in any way. (Also, he’s one of the fastest men on Pro Tools you’ll ever work with.) Whenever I work with other people I always think: “Erick should have been here”.

At the end of a day in the studio with Erick, all you can think about is how much you look forward to the next one.

Ole Reinert Berg-Olsen aka ORBO
ORBO & The Longshots